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General view

  • We are so proud of our experts experiencing more than 18 years in distribution industry internationally and nationally, they could have provided one of  the most integrated softwares in this domain.
  • We invite you to find out what is the most applicable solution in distribution industry.
  • Zarin was founded by Dr.A. Zarin in 1999 with the aim of designing and implementing integrated accounting systems related to distribution  At the beginning , the software was  developed  to satisfy  sales and distribution company needs governed by Mr.Zarin.Therefore company is completely familiar with this field challenges and issues may be encountered by personel, this has given us a deep understanding to add very useful and applicable features to our software. Extention of  system infrastructure to android os  has enabled us to develop mobile and tablet app appropriate for direct and indirect sell management which is crucial in distribution companies.
  • We felt challenges in marketing domain deeply from behind the barricades not the table. We are totally proud of our great costumers collaborated shoulder to shoulder with us and we are committed to their demands.
  • The most important object of Zarin is to scroll and analyze  the basic  issues  in  distribution  industry professionally , we also hope to cover whole requirements providing the newest technologies in this field.